“We are interested and ready to get involved” was the clear message passed by projects to the team of the Policy Learning Platform in Sofia.

In fact, benefitting from the presence of nearly 300 project representatives, the team of Interreg Europe’s Policy Learning Platform used the opportunity of the Experience Fair to discuss the features and activities of the platform with the community of approved Interreg Europe projects. During the plenary session, the Thematic Manager, Thorsten Kohlisch, set the scene for deeper insights into the plans for 2018 by recapping the strategic objectives of the Policy Learning Platform.

Set up as the second pillar of the Interreg Europe programme, the Policy Learning Platform is driven by the ambition to “get more” out of the invested funds by:

  • creating synergies and leverage effects between projects tackling related topics;
  • making the wealth of project expertise available to any interested regional policy stakeholder;
  • providing ad-hoc services for interregional learning to all managing authorities and regions in Europe, independent from their participation in IR-E projects.


From this spring on, four “tandems” of thematic experts will work for bringing the PLP knowledge hub and good practice database as well as the community and expert support services to life under the four thematic priorities of Interreg Europe. In this spirit, projects active in the business of “environment and resource efficiency” had the possibility in Sofia to share their experience and needs face-to-face with Venelina Varbova, one of the two PLP experts assigned for this programme priority. Indeed, reaching from policy briefs, online discussions and thematic workshops to policy advice and the first call for interregional peer reviews, a wide-ranging set of services will be offered under each of the four programme priorities in the weeks and months to come, thus opening the door for project consortia to share their experience and get new inspiration for improved policymaking in Europe.


Stay tuned about the latest platform news and activities under: https://www.interregeurope.eu/policylearning/