Resource efficiency and circular economy are increasingly relevant topics on the regional policy agenda. Since the launch of the Interreg Europe programme, 26 of the approved projects address the topic of environment and resource efficiency. Twelve of these projects target resource efficiency and circular economy which illustrates the growing interest of Europe’s regions to move in this direction.

Twelve projects have been provisionally placed in three subgroups: resource efficiency, circular economy and waste management. This should help any reader easily find projects that spark their interest.

Circular economy

The regional interest of circular economy is growing, not the least since the launch of the EU Circular Economy Package in December 2015. The seven projects showcase a range of possibilities for using circular economy in Europe’s regions. Themes that are being tackled by the projects include:

  • the regional uptake of industrial symbiosis (SYMBI and TRIS)
  • assisting SME to enter circular economy (CESME)
  • increasing the capability of policy instruments to steer the economy towards a circular model (CircE)
  • promoting systemic design approach as a method allowing local and regional policies move towards a circular economy (RETRACE)
  • highlighting the role of the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme for promoting circular economy (ENHANCE)
  • improving knowledge related to policies and technologies of biological streams (BIOREGIO).  

Waste management

Sustainable waste management keeps having a high priority on the regional agenda. Two of the projects target waste from different angles: waste management in heritage cities (INTHERWASTE) and landfill management (COCOON).

Resource efficiency

Three projects fall in the wider concept of resource efficiency and take on eco-innovation in tackling food waste (ECOWASTE 4 FOOD) and the role of green public procurement (GPP4Growth). TANIA focuses on nanoremediation as a low­cost and effective technique to clean up contaminated soil and water.

The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform is here to stimulate knowledge exchange. The projects of the same family will be encouraged to learn from each other. To fine-tune the services and products of the Platform to the user needs, we encourage you to share your ideas with Venelina Varbova[email protected], Thematic Manager for environment and resource efficiency. 

Image credits: Photo by timJ on Unsplash