The 2018 edition of #EURegionsWeek will take place on 8-11 October 2018. The call for proposals for this year's edition closed at the end of March. 

From 16 to 27 April, all participants, partners and stakeholders of the event can vote for their favourite proposals in an open online consultation on the #EURegionsWeek website.

Our sessions

A grand total of 188 proposals were submitted. Interreg Europe is involved in three different sessions: 

  • EURegionsTalks: Stories about the impact and added value of interregional cooperation
    Europe is full of solutions. Sharing them benefits us all. Interregional cooperation is the engine that makes this happen. At this very moment, over 2 000 project partners in more than 200 regions across Europe are exchanging experiences and learning from each other. In this session, we will take a look at how cooperation sparks innovative solutions that are transformed into tangible actions and lasting results, thereby contributing to territorial development. We will do so through stories. You will hear three short EURegions talks on the impact, results and added value of interregional cooperation.

  • Participatory session: Policy Learning Platform: get involved, exchange, connect, benefit
    The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform offers shortcuts to smart solutions for European cities and regions via on-demand expert services and a community of peers. Come and test it in action to see how it works in practice! This session is an interactive simulation of how the expert support service and interregional peer reviews support cities and regions. Get involved and let’s improve the management of public policies in research and innovation, SME competitiveness, low-carbon economy, and environment- and resource-efficiency together!

  • Workshop: Towards building a user-centric digital public sector
    The workshop by ESPON EGTC, Interact, Urbact and Interreg Europe will focus on how national, regional and local authorities are modernising and re-engineering governance and the provision of public services through adopting digital technologies, legislation and policies, upskilling staff, engaging the private sector and citizens, as well as utilising data and social media. The workshop is creating a platform to showcase and discuss these changes, by bringing together key insights from pan-European partnerships with the specific focus on transformations in the public sector and its service provision, moving towards a user-centric digital government.

In addition, the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform will showcase its activities in the exhibition area, where you can come and experience how you can benefit from the services and activities.

If you want to know more - or join us for the session - now is your chance to cast your vote!

You can read more about these and other sessions proposals and vote for your favourite(s) by filling this survey by 27 April. 

How to vote?

  1. Open the survey form and select the first thematic cluster 'Territorial development: regional, local, urban'.
  2. Search for 'Policy Learning Platform' (participatory session) and 'Interreg Europe' (EURegions Talks) and tick the boxes to select our sessions.
  3. Switch to another thematic cluster 'ICT and digital' and select the workshop by ESPON.
  4. You can select up to 12 sessions, so go ahead and add other interesting ones on your list, too.
  5. Fill in your personal details and click 'submit'.

Many thanks in advance! Feel free to spread the word and encourage others to cast their vote too!

The results will be published on 30 April. Please note that in parallel, the organisers are evaluating the proposals and the final selection of the sessions in this year's #EURegionsWeek will be announced on 4 May.