Financial instruments continue to be at the forefront of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) policy developments. A new Communication from the European Commission on 'Taking stock of the Investment Plan for Europe and next steps' confirms a growing emphasis on using more ESIF financial instruments to deliver the EU’s Cohesion policy.  

Linkages between ESIF and EFSI (European Fund for Strategic Investments) are expected to strengthen in the future through more EFSI/ESIF combinations in Investment Platforms and other revolving fund arrangements. This is based on the success of EFSI during its first year of operations. The summary material supporting the new Communication highlights the proposed next steps which will be of interest to fi-compass stakeholders. These include plans for:  

  • Extending EFSI beyond its initial three-year period;
  • Scaling up the resources for SME financing, one of the EFSI's major success stories;
  • Simplifying the legislative framework governing the combination of EFSI support and ESI Funds in financial instruments as well as removing other obstacles to such combinations;
  • and (among other things) Encouraging the establishment of further Investment Platforms, with strong engagement from the European Commission, the European Investment Bank Group, National Promotional Banks and other relevant actors.

A collection of facts and figures about these new policy developments concerning future ESIF financial instruments has also been published. Such information features country factsheets that highlight existing success stories of EFSI / ESIF combinations.

More information on the fi-compass webpage.

Image credits: Photo by Lukas via Pexels