The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform has launched an expert-validated good practice database, which was officially presented during the European Week of the Regions and Cities at the dedicated workshop held on 10 October, 2017 in Brussels. The participants that joined the research and innovation group, interacted with peers on “linking research results and businesses” and “making R&D and innovation infrastructure sustainable”. Each of the topics was enriched by showcasing one good practice: Santara Valley from Lithuania (ClusterFY Interreg Project) and remote monitoring of patients with chronic breathing disorder from Greece (HoCare Interreg project). 

Relevant insights for research and innovation

During the two group discussions, there was a mutual agreement on a few key aspects related to the two challenges on the table:

  • Human capital and entrepreneurial drive should be valued over technology;
  • To reach a point of sustainability, a medium to long term R&D&I strategy has to be in place. Link investments to respective smart specialisation strategies (S3);
  • A need for innovations driven by societal challenges. Technology hampers innovation;
  • Re-valuate R&D funding in the implementation of the interregional programme. Make use of Art.70! 
  • Original innovations create multipliers and build eco-systems.

Interreg good practices, get inspired!

Good collaboration of stakeholders and their involvement from the very beginning was identified as essential (the triple and quadruple helix approach was applied) together with a demand driven rather that technology push approach. This was one of the critical aspects highlighted by the case of Santara Valley from Lithuania. Tackling challenges that are societal driven with a direct impact at people’s life was identified as driver for involving key regional actors, as in the practice from Greece. In the example of was the fact that project was research, instead of challenge driven.

What is a good practice?

In the context of the Interreg Europe programme, a good practice is identified as an initiative (e.g. methodologies, project, processes, techniques) in one of the programmes thematic priorities, which has already proven successful and has a transfer potential to another geographic area. The good practice database of the platform gives an access to the Platform community to the validated practices from 30 European countries on: research and innovation, SME competitiveness, low-carbon economy, and environment and resource efficiency.

For more information about the good practice database, as well as to learn about services and new incoming events visit the Policy Learning Platform website.