Alignment of funding puts interregional cooperation into a new dimension and opens-up opportunities for more effective and efficient use of the available resources. This requires alignment of legislations and ad hoc regulations.

For the 2014-2020 programming period, the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) provides different options for cooperation, and explicitly encourages complementarities and the alignment of different funding sources. Cooperation possibilities are mentioned in the CPR Article 11, Article 15(2a), Article 27 (3) and Article 70, which encourage coordination among the various European structural and investment funds (ESIF), including external instruments for cooperation.

Interreg Europe is in a unique position to promote capacity building and synergies with other funding sources. It can foster cooperation by facilitating interaction, identification of complementarities and gaps and by providing access to practices and operational know-how.

This policy brief highlights the possibilities for improving of policy measures presented in the Common Provision Regulations (CPR 1303/2013), and in particular its Article 70 (Art 70), which allows investments outside the programme area. The brief also describes the relevance of Art 70 provisions for Interreg Europe partners.

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