The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP) is part of the Investment Plan for Europe and is designed to support investment in the real economy providing greater transparency on EU investment opportunities.

A sustainable follow-up for European projects

A key aspect for any Interreg Europe Project is accessing follow-up funding to ensure the capitalisation of the project results and the take-up of novel technologies and solutions at regional level. This is a vital step to contributing to growth and jobs creation. EIPP offers EU-based private and public project promoters an easy and convenient way to boost the visibility of their projects. EIPP show-cases them in a structured, user-friendly way to attract potential investors worldwide. This will facilitate access to private funds and contribute to reaching the objective of more public private partnerships across Europe.

What are the eligibility conditions? 

The project (or the programme consisting of smaller projects) must have a minimum total project cost of EUR 5 million. If the project falls short of the minimum project size, it is possible to bundle it with similar projects in other regions and to submit a larger project programme.

Cross-border projects with non-EU countries are also eligible on certain conditions: the investment needs to take place in and should benefit at least one EU Member State.

Image credit: Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash