Interreg Europe has so far approved 130 projects, each of which receives 1-2 million euros of ERDF funding. 17 of these projects focus on energy topics. Each project will produce an action plan on how to improve specific policy instruments, set up regional stakeholder groups and disseminate its findings through the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform. 

Investing in energy efficiency offers many benefits, including reduced energy costs, reduced emissions, emproved security of supply, employment benefits. These benefits have led to energy efficiency being the first goal of the European Commission’s recent ‘Clean energy for all Europeans' policy package proposal.

In order to help address some of the financial barriers to improving energy efficiency, direct assistance (i.e. grants) is available from national and European sources (such as Structural Funds). There are also a growing number of financial instruments (i.e. loans), some of which are supported by EU funds.

Experts from the Policy Learning Platform show which financial instruments can be used to improve energy efficiency. 

Download the Policy Brief. 

The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform is here to stimulate knowledge exchange. The projects of the same family will be encouraged to learn from each other. To fine-tune the services and products of the Platform to the user needs, we encourage you to share your ideas with Marie-José Zondag[email protected], Thematic Manager for Low-Carbon Economy. 

Image credit: Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash