The Policy Learning Platform is organising a trilogy of 30-minute webinars which will take place in May 2021. Spread over three consecutive weeks, the mini-series will put the spotlight on the development of an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.

The relevance of this topic

Fostering entrepreneurship is important for the development of regions as enterprises provide employment and generate economic growth. However, in 2018 only 6.5% of working youth (20-29 years old) in the EU were self-employed and even fewer were employers.  

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset among the next generations is a way to ensure that more people take up the potentially high value-creating career option of becoming an entrepreneur which in turn can help alleviate youth unemployment

According to the OECD, “Public policy can address many of the market and institutional failures in youth entrepreneurship by increasing awareness about the potential of entrepreneurship, embedding entrepreneurship teaching at all levels of education, offering training and coaching outside of education, improving access to finance and supporting the development of entrepreneurship networks for young people.”  

What you can expect 

Join us on a virtual European tour where we will look at youth in various education stages – secondary education, vocational education, and academia.

We will start the journey in East-Flanders, Belgium where a holistic set of innovative programmes are aimed at secondary school students. In the second session we will move to Andalucía, Spain and take a look at how a successful hackathon programme can be set up for vocational students. In the third and final session we will reach the German-Dutch border where within the Knowledge Alliance Rhine-Waal, an ideation event for university students and a young SME subsidy scheme were set up. 

Why it should interest you

This trilogy of webinars is meant to help you reflect on the programmes and initiatives run in your region and see whether you are missing some entrepreneurship services at various education stages.

You will also be inspired to further boost the entrepreneurial spirit of the next generations. 


You can sign up to one single session, however, we look forward to seeing you in all three!

Photo credit: Chang Duong on Unsplash