For more than a year now we have been facing an unprecedented crisis with the outburst of the COVID-19. The pandemic affected us all at individual level, as societies or states. Policy makers everywhere played a vital role initially in the fast response to the crisis and, nowadays, in proposing ways towards recovery.

In this context and because we are well aware of the importance that local and regional policies can play to improve the life quality of European citizens, we propose a quick and easy solution: benefit of a matchmaking session with peers from all over Europe.

We, at the Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform offer several services to local and regional policy makers to help solve policy challenges. We have recently added the possibility for you to request a matchmaking session on demand

Matchmaking sessions are a great way to get new ideas and solutions for your own challenge. It's a two-hour meeting with European peers, organised and facilitated by our experts. Knowing what others implemented as policy solutions can help greatly in finding effective responses to the needs of your territory, and to better manage your regional policy.

The matchmaking sessions were initially organised in-person - it all started at EURegionsWeek 2018 edition, but the format has evolved ever since and we now offer them equally online. 

Request your matchmaking session.

Looking for examples of successful innovation vouchers? Wishing to know more about how others worked on behavioural change for mobility? Searching for a holistic approach to develop circular economy in your region? These are only examples of policy areas we can work together on.

The form to request your matchmaking session only consists of two questions and no supporting documents are needed. You simply describe the challenge you are facing and in which area. Give it a try!

Our team of experts will reach out to you to discuss the approach and to further analyse your request. They will then gather like-minded peers to share their knowledge and experiences with you. The matchmaking sessions will be organised quicky and we will always try to adapt to your time constraints.

See some matchmaking examples here.

Other services we offer 

  • Policy helpdesk 

Besides the matchmaking service, we also offer policymakers the opportunity to submit a policy helpdesk request. An easy way to ask your question to a team of experts and receive resources such as good practices, policy briefs and contacts of relevant people. 

  • Peer review 

If you are facing a policy challenge that requests more analysis, submit a peer review request. This service consists of a two-day meeting in which experts and peers will analyse your challenge and work with you towards recommendations and a plan of action. 

Visit our expert support page to discover all of our services and explore previous experiences of community members.