The call for additional activities is now open. Only our 258 approved projects can apply. Below, find out key information about this call, how to get help, and how to submit your application.

Key information

The call is open:

The application pack is available here - including the application form and the partner declaration template.

How to get help?

First, contact your project and finance officers either by email or phone. They will answer any general questions and can check the overall relevance of your ideas for additional activities (including pilot actions if applicable).

Please group your questions as much as possible to limit the number of exchanges needed with us.

For detailed feedback on your proposal, complete the draft application form and send it by email to both your project and finance officers. Remember to put in copy projects[at]

We will come back to you shortly with our feedback.

How to submit your application?

After you checked the application with your project and finance officers, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have full administrator rights on your project in iOLF.
  2. Ask your officers to open the submission page in iOLF. You will receive an automatic notification email as soon as this is done.
  3. Upload the application form (Excel file) and the related partner declarations (pdf versions).
  4. Submit the uploaded documents via iOLF. An automatic notification email will be sent to both us and the lead partner confirming the submission. It will include the date and time of your submission.

What happens next?

Shortly after the submission, we will start the assessment process. Once the monitoring committee decides, we will inform the lead partners in due time.