Business acceleration programmes, which aim at fostering fast growth of start-ups through access to funding and highly specialised services, have expanded globally over the last ten years.

In Europe, policy makers have recognised the potential of acceleration schemes and have started to adopt and adapt them to their own policy objectives. In many cases publicly backed acceleration schemes have been implemented, with the aim to both foster growth and internationalisation of promising start-ups.

Business accelerators have a different approach – and target group! – than traditional incubators. Although it was primarily designed for the needs of entrepreneurs and private investors, the concept of accelerators has been rapidly adopted and adapted in Europe by publicly sponsored incubators. They fit the needs of start-ups with high growth potential as well as those of policy makers looking for efficient support mechanisms for entrepreneurs able to provide significant economic development perspectives in emerging and fast moving sectors.

Experts from the Policy Learning Platform in this policy brief show how accelerators can contribute to increase internationalisation of start-ups.

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Image credit: Photo by Negative Space from Pexels