The Policy Learning Platform carried out a survey to investigate the needs and expectations of European regions for the services of the Platform. Between 15 February and 5 April 2017, 1.056 responses were collected from 36 different countries. The results of the survey provide valuable snapshot on latest trends.

Among the four thematic objectives (Research and innovation, SME competitiveness, Low-carbon economy, Environment and resource efficiency), Research and innovation, with 48% of the responses, was considered as the most relevant topic and only 4% of the respondents stated that it was not applicable for their work.

The most interesting topics on Research and Innovation were: 

TopicsResponse %
Research-to-business knowledge / technology transfer60,9%
Cluster approaches and open innovation55,4%
Synergies with centrally-managed programmes (like H2020 and COSME)44,1%
Promotion and sustainability of excellence centres and R&D infrastructures43,5%
Non-technological innovation39,9%
Smart Specialisation Strategy implementation36,7%
Downstream and demand-based policy measures25,2%

We note the important gap between the hottest topic (more than 60% of response rate) and the least interesting one (only 25%). The core interest of respondents remains in the “traditional” items of the innovation policy palette (Technology Transfer, Clusters, etc.), items that have been on the policy agenda for the last two decades. The latest trends, as far as R&D is concerned, still do not catch the interests of the survey respondents. It should be noted that more than 20% of the respondents were from R&D organisations while only 12% were Managing Authority / Intermediate body of Structural Funds.

  • S3 implementation does not appear in the top list of “priorities”;
  • Downstream and demand-based policy measures (like Innovative public procurement), scored the lowest level of grip;
  • Non-technological innovation (including market and social innovation) is still not valued as important as technological innovation;
  • Among other topics, which usually give a good insight on trends (37 entries, 4% of the total) there was just a mention on Financing demonstrative plants, Social innovation - Societal challenges.

The Policy Learning Platform will further analyse the outcomes of this survey in a continuous effort to better match the needs of our community. We look forward to receive any input or feedback you may have to provide you with more and better focused services and content.

Image credit: Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash