The Policy Learning Platform is a space for continuous learning dedicated to people like you, that are involved in the development of regional policies. We believe that throughout mutual exchanges we can all learn and deliver better policies for the future. Our aim is to be a concrete help in your everyday work. Our ambition is to become your reference portal when it comes to #policylearning and #policymaking.

In order to achieve this, we want to listen to your needs and involve you in the design of our future activities.

Following these principles, a survey was launched end of 2020 encouraging the Interreg Europe community members to 'make a wish' and express their challenges and topics of most interest.

We were glad to receive a variety of contributions from people representing local, regional and national authorities and not only. Your input was carefully analysed by our experts and the following materials and activities are planned for the first trimester of 2021:

Research and innovation:

  • Planned publications: 'Human capital' and 'R&I in peripheral areas' (policy briefs).
  • Online discussions and webinars: Urban-rural linkages (12 January 2021), digital innovation ecosystems, fablabs and makerspaces and science-industry collaboration.

SME competitiveness:

  • Planned publications: 'Social entrepreneurship' and 'Access to finance' (policy briefs). 
  • Online discussions and webinars: Cross-sectoral inter-cluster cooperation (19 January 2021), Entrepreneurship education and workplace training and the circular economy.

Low-carbon economy:

  • Our trilogy webinars on Cycling cities take place in January and February 2021.
  • 'Urban logistics' and 'Skills for Energy transition' will be the subjects of the next two policy briefs and two online events.

Environment and resource efficiency:

  • 'Strategies to counteract over-tourism' is the subject of our recently published policy brief.
  • 'Sustainable management of water resources' will be the focus of a dedicated policy brief and an online event planned for March 2021.

If you have good practices and policy solutions to share on any of the topics above, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experts.

In order to stay up to date with everything that we propose:

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Photo by Ferenc Horvath on Unsplash