Culture and arts as part of urban residential area development process
Kangas area is a unique urban development project, in the city centre, turning a 150 years old paper mill area into innovative, green, sustainable and culturally active workplace and home for 5000 new inhabitants by 2040. Guiding development tags are Heart, Green, Sustainable and Foot (referring to soft mobility). The construction started in autumn 2015.
During the whole development period 1 % of building costs and real estate selling income is ear-marked to different type of cultural contents, e.g. contemporary art and cultural events in the area. Funding is administered by a broker company which collects the income of property sales and addresses it to purchase of culture.
City of Jyväskylä has a two year-project “Artists producing local cultural services”, aiming at development of sustainable models for art and culture services to be used in regional development of urban districts. Artists together with a producer create contacts and networks to companies, organisations and residents of the Kangas area, as well as carry out events and art experiments inside and together with the communities in the area. Residents living in the area play an active role in defining the contents of the activities, and also carrying out events. Events are largely produced together with the educational institutions located in the area.
Main stakeholders and beneficiaries are those living, working or going to school in the area, and cultural players producing the cultural contents.

Resources needed

Funding comes from building costs and real estate selling income.
The concept is calculated to bring over 5,5 M€ funding for arts and culture until 2040 when the construction will be finalised.
One Culture producer and one Art coordinator are working part-time in carrying out the practice.

Evidence of success

Extending Percentage Culture concept to cultural activities and events keeps the area more active and lively than traditional visual arts.
Open to everyone and free of charge principle, along with residents and audiences being core part of executing the events, increase accessibility to art and culture, and builds the sense of community and long term commitment to development of the area.
An art planning expert has made an art plan for the Kangas area, defining the nature and locations of art.

Difficulties encountered

Implementing Percentage Culture through a contractor is a new practise and requires extra work and skills, e.g. hiring an art planning expert.
Implementing Percentage Culture in building sector creates challenges in scheduling. Involvement of the artists at early planning stage is crucial.

Potential for learning or transfer

Percentage principle is internationally known concept which can be adapted to different environments and cultures. However, it is important to pay attention to national laws and statutes

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Main institution
Kankaan Palvelu Oy (Kangas Services Ltd)
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date
January 2038


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