This is the Centre for 25 homeless and unemployed people constructed by Association "Emmaus". It is a collective residential building with a workshop.
Within the Centre for Community, residents were given a chance to work. Association "Emmaus" prepared for these workshops: joinery, upholstery, recycling, tailor and electronics. Now in these workshops, among others, homeless and unemployed may repair furniture, appliances and other items collected during rebounds and passed by the local residents. After the repair, the items are sold - and the profits from the sale support the budget of the Association "Emmaus".
During the construction of the Community Center complex they used RES (Renewable Energy Sources), including:
- Photovoltaic power installation of 17kWp allows for the production of electricity.
- Installation of central heating, underfloor heating and hot water-based ground source heat pumps with a capacity of 50 kW coupled with a system of solar panels with a capacity of 24 kW.
- Lighting of car parks and alleys using hybrid lamps and street lights, in LED frames, powered by photovoltaic batteries
- Modification of the ventilation system of the building (with the use of ventilation with recuperation) with heat recovery which allows to reduce losses by about 50 to 60%.
- Installing the rainwater harvesting system for domestic purposes.
- Remote supervision of the building’s installations.

Resources needed

Financial resources: ~500.000 Euro
Regional/local administration, qualified employees

Evidence of success

The building is energy self-sufficient in about 70%, which generate savings which are used for financing statutory activities,

Potential for learning or transfer

- The building is an example of environmentally friendly building standard in the region,
- A positive impact on the local community and the image of Podkarpacie Region.
- Building Association "Emmaus-Rzeszów" is one of the first that meets these standards in rural areas and one of the most modern in Polan

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Main institution
Podkarpackie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
November 2013
End Date
December 2014


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