European business and innovation centre located in Northern Spain within the framework of the European Business Network.
Horizontal business and innovation centre located in Northern Spain within the framework of the European Business Network. Public – private partnership aiming at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation, including bio-economy related sectors. It is a business incubator, having being selected as a good practice in accordance with the following criteria:

. Alignment with the priorities, needs and circumstances of the community: Innovation and entrepreneurship promotion
. Alignment with the RIS3 priorities of Castilla y Leon
. Effectiveness
. Funding scheme and sustainability

Burgos and Castilla y Leon are communities where innovation and entrepreneurship need to be fostered. The aims of CEEI-Burgos are the following ones:

. Developing of and specific instrument in order to facilitate and foster the creation of innovative SMEs, the modernization of the existing ones and to optimize the public resources devoted to that purpose
. Support of technological development and innovation
. Training and support of new entrepreneurs and existing ones

The network of European Business and Innovation Centres is an initiative of the EU Commission’s DG community stakeholders:
. Regional Development Agency of Castilla y Leon
. Burgos City Council
. Provincial Government of Burgos
. Chamber of Commerce of Burgos
. Caja de Ahorros del Círculo Católico
. Caja de Ahorros Municipal de Burgos
. Technological Institute of Castilla y Leon
. Caja Rural de Burgos
. Burgos

Resources needed

. Permanent multidisciplinary staff (Engineering/Business/Law profiles) plus the talent pool.
. Financial/Funding scheme: Funded by the EC on 1994 and 1995, next a mix of private/public funding was implemented (Members of the Board contributions, invoicing and National/EU projects).

Evidence of success

It is a certified European Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer with an operative physical business incubator hosting an average number of 50 start ups since 2001.

Innovation and entrepreneurship promotion radically changed in Burgos community as a result of CEEI-Burgos creation.
Financial independence and sustainability has been achieved by regular invoicing and participation in National/EU projects.

Potential for learning or transfer

Its effectiveness and funding scheme made it appropriate for potential replications and developments. CEEI-Burgos is a labelled European Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), being member of the European Business Network (, which ensures a performance quality standard, granted by the EU/BIC certification. Besides, being member of EBN and ANCES ( guarantee a privileged position for networking activities.

Its own flexible structure and funding scheme/self sustainability are key innovative aspects schemes.
CEEI-Burgos model is transferable, for as a certificated EU/BIC its proceedings are standardized.

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Main institution
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 1994
End Date


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