Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP) is a unique monument of industrial architecture and archeology connecting Lavreotiki mines with local community.
Τhe Pb and Ag mines complex of Lavrion dated in classical antiquity, after centuries of mining and metallurgical inactivity become operative in the late 1890’s. Lavrion then becomes one of the most important industrial centers in Greece suffering a severe degradation of the environment due to the intense mining and metallurgical activity. Eventually, the complex of Lavrio having faced several cycles of crisis ceased its operation during the late1980'sending up only with environmental issues and a blear economic prospect. Between 1994 and 1997 a rehabilitation program was designed and deployed by National Technical University of Athens, transforming the old mine complex into the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP), a body of scientific research, education, business and culture. The NTUA Asset Management and Development Corporation (NTUA AMDC) undertook, under the Program “Competitiveness” funded by the Ministry of Development and the EU, the implementation of the project: "Soil Rehabilitation and supplemental infrastructure at LTCP" to conduct a vital environmental intervention on a heavily polluted site like LTCP. Nowadays the services provided by LTCP in its renovated facilities, support research, education and technology. LTCP is the only Technology Park in Attica, which specializes in areas - keys of modern applied technology, such as information, electronics, telecommunications, robotics etc, restoring Lavrion back to its rightful leading position.

Resources needed

Program “Competitiveness”, funded by the Ministry of Development and the EU 3rd Framework programme app 14 milion euros

Evidence of success

The soil rehabilitation Project Report states clearly that no concentrations of heavy metals are detected. Moreover LTCP has succeeded in linking scientific and technological research conducted in Athens, with the needs and interests of the business world, along with the realization of cultural events related to the promotion of the history and culture of the wider area of Lavreotiki. In overall the LTCP area is a unique monument of industrial architecture and archeology.

Difficulties encountered

The realization of LTCP is the outcome of an open and long-lasting discussion (mid 1980's until early 1990's) with a broad and often contradictory scope, between regional authorities, company executives and academics in the field of mining and metallurgical engineering.

Potential for learning or transfer

The rehabilitation plan executed, in addition to its practical significance has special scientific and educational value since it is a unique case study of an environmental rehabilitation of 25 acres, which was loaded with 150,000 tons of low sulfur content. So, what is, in fact, produced is an environment. One healthy structure, which consists of the link mechanisms, benefits and services undertaken to facilitate the creation of modern entrepreneurship; an environment that consists not only of technology transfer, interactive technological learning, business competition and profit-maximization behaviour, but, also, of the social and cultural values and norms that are inextricably bound to the emerging new knowledge-based economy.

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Main institution
Aττική, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
January 1994
End Date
December 1998


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