Via Mariae – the last 100 km: on foot, bicycle and horse. Pilgrims can experience a lifelong adventure, to prove their own physical and mental perseverance.
Via Mariae – the last 100 km was built in a partnership by Harghita County Council, Transylvanian Way of Mary Organization, Harghita Community Development Association, local municipalities and associations. The 6,500 euro project (building of the routes, pilgrimage insignias, certificates and passports, promotional materials, event organization etc.) budget was funded by partners. The 100 kilometre pilgrimage route is available on foot, bicycle and horse. Pilgrims can experience a lifelong adventure with the possibility of learning about local history and attractions, and also which will help them not only to get closer to the environment but to prove their own physical and mental perseverance. The website contributes to a calm and meaningful pilgrimage, including accommodations, attractions, shops, cafes, pharmacies, health centers, police stations, and other important locations.
Local contacts are available in each settlement to support pilgrims.
How does the practice reach its objectives and how it is implemented?
At the first organized program, between 13-19 of May 2018, several participants take part on the 5 day event: on foot about 20 persons accross the whole way, and more then 100 took part on one or two days, by bicycle 15 and by horse 125 participants where registred.
Participants was coming from Roumania, Hungary, Slovakia, Danmark, USA.

Resources needed

Training for guides and hosts
Maintaining anddeveloping the road
Maps and brochures

Evidence of success

Number of participants:
On the Road 1day pilgrimage (connecting shrines from Austria, Hungary and Romania): 2500
Rosary pilgrimage: 200
Thematic pilgrimage: 50
Registered participants/year:
Pentecostal 40 days pilgrimage from Budapest to Șumuleu Ciuc (Csíksomlyó): 100
individual pilgrims: 50
Last 100 km pilgrimage: 60
Horseback pilgrimage: 140
Bicycle: 150
Marathon of Holy Mary: 50
Sacred Marathon: 350
New guides and volunteers: 30

Difficulties encountered

Organizing programs for the participants involving local people.
Including pilgrimage in the local touristic offer.
Increasing the number of days spend in the area offering recreational programs for families, groups, etc.

Potential for learning or transfer

Organizing pilgrimage for groups
Cooperation with local stakeholders (land owners, mountain rescue teams, local authorities, churches)
Revitalizing local traditional activities

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Main institution
Via Mariae Association
Centru, Romania (România)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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