SmartCity Malaga is a large-scale test project that develops a Smart Grid in the City of Malaga. It tries to optimize the integration of new energy technologies
The smart City Malaga project was launched in 2008 by Endesa. It is a large-scale test project that develops the implementation, in a real environment, of all the Smart Grid technologies which affect the electricity business.
The project has been carried out in “Misericordia Beach”. Participation of: 300 industrial users, 900 sector service users and 11.000 residential customers, with 63 MW of total contract demand and 70 GWh/year of consumption.
It is an integral project:
- Testing of telemanagement technology on a large scale: 17.000 smart meters
- Medium and low voltage grid automation and deployment of communication infrastructure for real time monitoring and control: 72 communicated MV/LV transformer substations, 5 MV lines (20 kV) with 40 km of circuits
- Integration of renewable generation: photovoltaic panels in public buildings, use of microgeneration in hotels or development of mini and micro-wind systems in the area
- Battery storage at the medium and low voltage level
- LED lighting with 200 elements
- 4 electric vehicles.
- Development and validation of technology for charging electric vehicles and V2G
- Active demand side management, through intervention in consumption, generation and storage of energy
- Development of a management system for the efficient use of energy at domestic and SMEs level
The smart city saves 6.000 Ton CO2 per year

Resources needed

The project was financed with 31 M€ from European Fund through CDTI (Center for the Industrial and Technology development, under the Economy and Innovation Ministry)

Evidence of success

Users of the Smart grid: 300 industrial customers, 900 service customers, 11.000 households.
Increasing of renewable energy use: 15% average per month
CO2 reduction: more than 15% average per month
Energy efficiency improvement: more than 25% average per month

Difficulties encountered

The Smartcity Malaga Project has meant for the city the implementation of a large real laboratory of Smart Grid technologies of the future, which has also meant that Malaga has become a window to the world of these technologies

Potential for learning or transfer

It is a model replicable to other geographical areas.

The infrastructures created in the Smartcity Malaga project have been the base for the creation of what is known as Living Lab: an ecosystem developed in Malaga to test and show solutions that will serve to build the cities of the future. The objective is to obtain the most complete analysis and the most feasible conclusions to face the challenges of the present and the future in a model city with great possibilities.
From distributed generation to telecommunications, including telemanagement and network automation, Smartcity Malaga brings together all the technologies of smart grids or smart grids in a living and real environment.

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Main institution
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2008
End Date
December 2013


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