Implementation of Park and Ride (P+R) network in Ljubljana Urban Region
The Park and Ride schemes provide efficient combination of private and collective transport in metropolitan regions.

Local communities and the Ljubljana urban region included a broad participatory planning process in the preparation of P+R study. This study identified the need for the construction of P+R collection points in the region which will enable development of public transport and reduce the number of cars. As public transport (PT) and private cars are complementary, P+R systems need additional long-term land use and transport planning, process of P+R development began in the year 2007.

In this year central Slovenia statistical region of 26 municipalities set out a significant outline of its development vision in ‘The Regional Development Programme’. It was a fundamental programmatic document at the regional level of the Ljubljana Urban Region which was adopted by the Council of the Ljubljana Urban Region – i.e. by the mayors of the municipalities in Ljubljana Urban region (LUR). Besides other goals and measures also initial ideas for P+R development in Ljubljana urban region were outlined.

Through the involvement of key stakeholders at national level Regional Development Agency of Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR) managed to bring the project in the national strategies (OP) to provide EU funding.

Resources needed

Implementation of P+R network in Ljubljana Urban Region was cofinanced by the European Cohesion Fund.

Evidence of success

There were altogether 23 P+R locations planned in 16 municipalities in Ljubljana urban region. Preparation of the investment documents and implementation is partly covered by EU cohesion funds, where constructions of P+R sites were done from municipalities themselves. Until end of the year 2015 10 P+R in Ljubljana urban region have already been constructed (among others Stožice, Barje, Domžale P+R) or re-constructed (Dolgi most P+R).

Difficulties encountered

a. Importance of public participation in decision making process and participation of main stakeholders in the earlier stages of P+R study and implementation;
b. Importance of constant communication among main stakeholders;
c. Alternatives on »limitation measures« should always be offered;

Potential for learning or transfer

The Park and Ride schemes provide efficient combination of private and collective transport in metropolitan regions.

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Main institution
The Regional Development Agency of the Ljubljana Urban Region (RDA LUR)
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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