Tools to help companies developing new business models based on their existing core competencies.
The “Business Innovation Services” provided by NOI Techpark are a CLUSTERIX 2.0 good practice example for clusters (in the case of South Tyrol: ecosystems) can be used to introduce now innovation models.
NOI Techpark addresses the needs of companies in defining their core competencies and identifying potential new markets. In high-specialized workshops, external experts and NOI Techpark experts assist companies in analysing their existing market communication, business model and competencies and jointly evaluate the development potential in a company-specific cross-industry research. This very compact strategy consulting and cross-industry innovation approach offers the following benefits:
- Analyse company-specific business development potential based on competencies acquired in the core business
- enhance regional innovation ecosystems by identifying competence-based bridges between companies, R&D organisations, new markets and application areas.
- initiate growth projects across industry boundaries
Together with an experienced team of consultants, there is a elaboration of a variety of useful results, starting from the roots of the current company's success to new technology and business area options.

Resources needed

Approx. 10.000 Euro for a comprehensive Business Innovation Consulting with an expert and team of IDM employees (1-2 internals).
SME receive a voucher covering approx. 65% of the costs.

Evidence of success

more than 30 business innovation services for SME’s so far. The following goals were achieved:
- more than 90 fields of competences
- more than 80 short-term actionable business development potentials
- more than 40 technology development trends and 50 medium to long term exploitable business development fields.
- a lot of remanufactured strategy options for competency-based business development

Difficulties encountered

The biggest barrier is to convince the first 10 companies to undergo the assessment. As soon as the first practical examples are given, other companies will follow.

Potential for learning or transfer

Form a regions or a clusters point of view the benefit of the “Business Innovation Services” lays in the potential of identifying core competencies in the regional economy, building new links between sectors and enhancing regional innovation ecosystems.
Main institution
NOI Techpark
Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano/Bozen, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
February 2016
End Date


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