The Observatory's objective is to facilitate access of local authorities to energy data for better implementation and monitoring of SEAPs.
Alba Energy Observatory - ANERGO was established in the framework of a European project, as a structure within Alba Energy Agency - ALEA. The role of the Energy Observatory is to fulfill the need for aggregate energy consumption data at local and regional level, per sectors for territorial-administrative units. Municipalities and energy data providers have signed partnership agreements with ANERGO to facilitate the exchange of energy data between municipalities and energy services providers, public transport, and other sectors.
The creation of the Observatory was supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe DATA4ACTION project, which provided the necessary financial resources for its establishment and operation. Under the EU-funded DATA4ACTION project, ALEA benefited from the guidance provided by the Rhône-Alpes Regional Energy Agency. ALEA and ANERGO are currently supporting more than 15 Covenant of Mayors signatories from Romania in the development and implementation of their SEAPs.

Resources needed

1 person-month is needed, followed by logistic, hardware, software and training capabilities. Strong collaboration with municipalities/data providers are required. The level of investment is medium to high and is correlated with the extend of the data being processed (eg. size of buildings stock).

Evidence of success

ANERGO has been considered an example of success as a result of its capability to produce aggregated reports at local/county level (charts, diagrams on energy consumption and GHG emissions) for different consumer sectors (eg. public lighting, municipal buildings). ANERGO is part of the ENERGee Watch - the European network of observatories for energy and climate. Currently ANERGO provides extended support for 15 Covenant of Mayors signatories and has 6 agreements with regional data providers.

Difficulties encountered

-difficulties in obtaining energy data from some energy data providers;
-lack of trained staff at municipalities on energy efficiency and municipal energy consumption management;
-lack of financial resources for hardware infrastructure: sensors, automatic data acquisition systems.

Potential for learning or transfer

ANERGO was created through a process of replicating examples of existing observatories at European level through the IEE DATA4ACTION project. The experience of setting up an energy observatory has also been replicated at national level for the purpose of creating a similar energy data center in the Bucharest region, by providing templates of agreements for cooperation between the observatory and municipalities /data providers and other information for necessary resources (human skills, soft tools, hard infrastructure).

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Main institution
Alba Local Energy Agency - ALEA
Centru, Romania (România)
Start Date
July 2016
End Date


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