The LETOHRAD presents a unique quiz about castles with possibility to win attractive awards. Its a perfect way how to arouse interest about cultural heritage.
In Prešov region there are 13 renovated castle ruins, which is the most of all Slovak regions. The Rákoci path NGO and the Regional organization of tourism – Northeast Slovakia, in cooperation with the organizers of the castle events, prepared the LETOHRAD campaign in the summer of 2017. It was a joint presentation of ten castles, which are being returned to life by the progressive renovation. The castles represented in the campaign included Brekov, Šebeš, Kamenica, Jasenov, Čičva, Šarišský and Kapušiansky castle, Plaveč, Soľnohrad, Obišov Castle (in the Prešov and Košice regions). The campaign was the first joint promotion of castle events.
Two contests were part of the campaign. Visitors could collect contest stamps at castle events to conquer the main prize - the royal crown decorated with stones from the restored castles. They could also compete with the mobile app Let’s Discover LETOHRAD. They solved localization tasks, quiz questions about castles and photographic tasks. The best discoverer of castles won the royal scepter and weekend stay. Another top 10 players were also rewarded. Positive feedback from event organizers and castle visitors is the basis for the new LETOHRAD 2018 campaign. This activity was realized within the project „Castle route continues“ implemented by the NGO Rákoci path with support from Veľký Šariš Community Foundation and Regional Tourism Organization Northeast of Slovakia.

Resources needed

100 € - two work meetings of organizers of castle events
300 € - mounting of the eye-catcher of castle path
300 € - leaflets A4 for collection of stampes during the castle events 3 000 pcs
350 € - production of the main reward – king’s crown
500 € - project coordination
130 € - stamps of castle

Evidence of success

The LETOHRAD Campaign has helped to increase the visitor traffic. For the first time the castles promoted each other's events, which they managed to match so that each event was held at another time. A information table with dates of all 11 events was mounted at each castle. The campaign brought together event organizers who met at the beginning and end of the campaign.

Difficulties encountered

- castles in Prešov region are not sufficiently equipped with parking capacities for so many visitors
- poor quality of access roads and walkways from the parking lot to the castle
- misunderstandings in some castles due to unclear competencies between the castle owners and organizer

Potential for learning or transfer

Subject in one region that have common visitor and try to attract them by organizing events can help each other by joining and agreeing the dates of events so that the visitor can visit each event (each event on different date).

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Main institution
Organizers of castle events (self-government, NGOs) NGO Rákociho cesta (Rákoci path), Regional organization of tourism – Northeast Slovakia
Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
June 2017
End Date
October 2017


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