Financial Advisory Department experts in entrepreneurship, expansion and improvement, R&D, export and internationalization
A specialist will guide the company to find and process the request for that economic boost that your company needs to grow. The multiple options available, from non-reimbursable grants from different organizations, both regionally and nationally to different sources of alternative financing, such as participative loans and contributions from private investors, will be within your reach so that no good idea remains doors of success. Its objectives are the following:

1. Analysis of financial aid and instruments available at any time
2. Study of the financing sources that best adapt to each business project
3. Mediation before financing organizations: Collaboration agreements

Financial solutions:
• Innovative young companies
• Industry 4.0 and competitive improvement
• Seed Risk Capital
• Venture Capital Growth and expansion
• Network of committed investors
• A financial or technical endorsement

Other Financial solutions:
• Innovation and growth
• R+D
• External implantation
• Regional Incentives
• Financial entities

Target group: Business projects, companies

Resources needed

-Economic resources: agreements signed with the funding agencies like banks, private angels net...
-Physical resources: standard
-Human resources: one half-time coordinator & the collaboration of other colleges fromthe different departments of INFO and also from the other ministry

Evidence of success

The Financial Office advises 1,500 companies every year
5,974 companies assisted
Alternative financing:
• 1,824 companies financed
• 326 million euros

Difficulties encountered

Companies can get lost about how to do regarding their financial projects. They have no knowledge about financing and that difficulty their progress

Regarding the lesson learned, it is important to follow up the companies that are advised to make sure they are on the right path

Potential for learning or transfer

Thanks to the personalized advice that is given to the company, it is able to know the different options available from the point of view of financing or non-refundable aid to carry out your project.

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Main institution
Regional Development Office of the Region of Murcia (INFO)
Región de Murcia, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2013
End Date


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