Offers the opportunity to 40 unemployed professionals of the Region of Murcia to create their own company
The program's main thread will be the application of Lean Startup approaches to the steps that the entrepreneur has to take to start up the business idea. These approaches are based on the Customer Development methodology of Professor Steve Blank and Bob Dorf of Stanford University, which prioritize the client against the business idea.

-Testing the idea. In this phase, the Business Model will be designed, at the same time that the participants will receive training in Motivation, Creativity, Technological Vigilance and Communication. This phase will end with the validation of the business idea

-Business Development. Once the business idea has been validated, we move on to the stage of converting the validated idea into a company. For this, we will work on the most relevant business concepts such as Digital Marketing, Finance, Legal...

Description detailed:
This program will be divided into 4 phases:
1- Identification of professionals
2- Nine Pills Speeding Up! On motivation and entrepreneurial tendencies, creativity to undertake or maturity of the business idea with speakers who are experts in the field
3- Competition Business Plans
4- Investment Forum Speedy Up! Organized by the Murcia-BAN Private Investors Network.
-Team Creation Event
-Global Management
-Individualized Mentorship
-Demo Day: Project&Quality Management, Marketing, Creativity & innovation, ICT´s, Law&Taxes, Finance, Management

Resources needed

Monetary budget between: 15.000€ -20.000€ for the whole program which includes:
- Mentors
- Rent of facilities
- Materials
- Wrokshops
- Demo Day organization (catering, facilities, speakers...)
- Dissemination (roll up & brochures)
- Coordination

Evidence of success

- 160 professionals from twenty different professional associations have taken part in the program
- More than 20 business projects have been consolidated
- We find people who have been registered as self-employed, companies incorporated as a Limited Company and cooperatives
- Sectors: TIC, Real Estate, IOT, FMCG

Example of companies which have developed their ideas into projects thanks to the program:

Difficulties encountered

-Reduction of number of participants (in this new edition to 25 participants)
-Increased individual mentoring hours
-Decreased general formation hours
-Created more focalized editions depending on sector of activities

Potential for learning or transfer

The real potential for learning is the way this program has blend the professional's needs from different sectors in order to create multidisciplinary work teams to develop a project that only some professional on their own, couldn’t have created

The course, which is totally free for participants, is structured in two phases. The first focuses on testing the business idea, using the methodology 'Lean StartUp', which prioritizes the experimentation on the planning developed in order to start up the company with the minimum investment. In this phase, tools such as interviews and surveys are very useful for obtaining data, as well as the Canvas business validation model (create-measure-learn)

If the idea still makes sense, in the second phase, business development is carried out, the marketing plan is outlined and also aspects related wirh economic analysis and financing,Legal structure

The course finally ends with a competition where the best projects are selected (Demo Day)

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Main institution
INFO ( Regional Development Office of the Region of Murcia)
Región de Murcia, Spain (España)
Start Date
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