CIKE is focused on development of human capital, creating conditions for talented people in the city and raising the profile of the city at different levels.
CIKE, a non-profit organization, helps people from the CCIs to become professionals, opening international markets and educating them. The organisation also participate in the creation of strategic cultural documents at national and international levels. Its main activities are providing professional trainings, local and international networking, building international partnerships or developing strategies.
It was set by the city of Košice to deliver the project of European Capital of Culture 2013. After the year 2013, non-profit organisation was able to find its potential, market and target group and with the new name Creative Industry Košice is still focusing on the development of Košice by nurturing its creative and cultural potential.
Creative Industry Kosice have been extremely important in the transformation of the city through developing the capacity of organisation’s and the skills of individuals, forging international links and recognition to the city, being a bridge between the public and private sectors and most importantly, being strategic, thinking long-term and always moving forwards.

Resources needed

Since 2014, financial resources of CIKE are from two main sources: a) City of Košice; b) grant schemes and other sources.
Budgets: 2014 - 550 000€; 2015 - 850 000€; 2016 - 550 000€; 2017 - 480 000€; 2018 - 520 000€

Evidence of success

CIKE is recognized internationally and has been involved in 10 international projects since 2014. There are usually 4x more application than the limit is for the educational programs (lectures, Escalator, Foto academy) and 3x more than the limit is for mobility and cooperation programs (KAIR, Creativity for business, international residencies). There is also rising number of visitors of the conferences and activities related to Media Art (PLACE conference 150, Art&Tech conference 200).

Difficulties encountered

Although there were no specific difficulties, the target group was sometimes very limited in Košice region, as well as the real market for creative and culture activities.

Potential for learning or transfer

CIKE has been focusing on the idea to develop the city by using its creative potential. Regarding the transferability tip, the biggest potential of this good practice can be seen in the following areas:
A) direct cooperation on creating strategic documents in the field of CCIs between government at local level and creative professionals represented by this non-government organization. This model guarantees the effective set-up of tools and actions in order to boost the unique potential of the region. During the year 2018, CIKE focuses on preparation of next strategic documents and, by doing so, helps to develop its city.
B) supporting CCIs ecosystem. Since 2014 the number of projects rised from 6 to 18. CIKE is able to rise the funding within numerous European projects funded within various schemes. It is a member of the big networks (European Creative Business Network, Res Arists) and recently has helped its city to become a member of UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Media Arts.

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Main institution
Creative Industry Košice
Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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