Networking of eight museums in Slovak - Polish cross-border area as a result of joint tourism product.
Main goal of the GP was networking of eight museums in Slovak-Polish cross-border area with the aim to create a joint tourism product for travel agencies, individuals and tourists. Museums involved in the project: Ľubovňa museum, Kežmarok museum, Šaršišské museum in Bardejov and Podtatranské museum in Poprad for Slovak side and Polish museums in Zakopane, Nówy Sacz, Krosno and Castle in Niedzica.

The main acitivty was a joint presentation of cultural heritage of Slovak – Polish cross-border area (creation of promotional materials, joint participation in tourism fairs in Poland and Slovakia, creation and realisation of international cultural events aimed on common historical events)

Resources needed

Total budget - 40 000€
EU funds - 30 000€

Evidence of success

Increase number of foreign visitors, as well as increase awareness of cultural heritage. Good promotion of eight Slovak and Polish museum at home and abroad. Print of new foreign language guide usefull for all the visitors and potentional tourists.

Difficulties encountered

It was quite difficult to coordinate 8 museums at the beginning, because at that time people were not used to realize joint projects, but at the end one of the first cross-border touristic product was created. Organizations learned how to cooperate and share what they have.

Potential for learning or transfer

Today we consider this GP as very easy to apply anywhere. Its important to put together organizations, which want to cooperate and spread awareness of cultural heritage beyond the borders. The basis is allowance and willingness to cooperate without need of extra spending. The practice is suitable mostly for projects aimed on networking and joint promotion of institutions in public.

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Main institution
Presov Self-governing Region
Východné Slovensko, Slovakia (Slovensko)
Start Date
November 2003
End Date
September 2004


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Good Practices being followed by

Angelina Todorova

Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria

Nasos Hadjigeorgiou

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism

Technical Coordinator

European Cultural Tourism Network AISBL