National free training program to accelerate projects of entrepreneurship with innovative methodologies
It is a national program implemented in each region. It is promoted and developed by the School of industrial organization
- General and specific objective of the Program: Achieve that entrepreneurs in a short period of time, start their projects. Go2work-coworking is a workspace designed for innovative entrepreneurs. Designed to increase the chances of success of innovative projects in an early stage of development with the aim of getting entrepreneurs that want, in a short period of time, start their projects.
The specific objective of this project are:
1. Increase entrepreneurial skills and increase the number of enterprises and self-employment initiatives created.
2. Promote self-employment, entrepreneurship and start-ups, including micro-enterprises and innovative small and medium sized enterprises
3. Encourage entrepreneurship and increase the likelihood of success of entrepreneurial projects at an early stage of development over a limited period of time.
- Mentoring Methodology
Eoi has developed and implemented a methodology that is based on practical training and individualized and active attention to each participant. This methodology combines training sessions and workshops (3-5 hours) with in-person mentoring sessions (exclusively for coworking members in which specific contents will be addressed for the identified needs of these companies). Each entrepreneurial project will have access to: (i) Resident Mentor, (ii) Project Mentor and (iii) Specialists

Resources needed

Promoted by the School of Industrial Organization, the Development Agency of the Region of Murcia & Economic Ministry. 1.6M€ of Budget co-financed by European Social Fund for:
- Human Resources (a coordinator is needed)
- Facilities
- Mentors
- Materials
- Dissemination (roll up & brochures)

Evidence of success

- More than 8 editions of the project implemented in the Region of Murcia
-16 projects developed on the 2016 edition
- Success rate: 65%
- National dissemination (newspapers, TV & social media)
- Final Demo day with the participation of national experts
- Success stories from Go2Work coworking program:

Difficulties encountered

The most common problem in acceleration programs like this one is: the heterogeneity of the projects being tutored: they are in different phases of maturity and it creates a problem in order to combine the information to give to the companies.

Potential for learning or transfer

With this practice, project's partners will support entrepreneurs in initial stages. It is a good way to strength local competitiveness and create self-employment and wealth in the region. Entrepreneurs are the true engines of the regional economy and those who have to create jobs, and for this they should always have support and commitment to continue promoting the creation of new companies and strengthen the regional ecosystem.

These initiatives are important to help entrepreneurs carry out their ideas successfully, finding the resources they need, from training to make a feasibility plan to search for financing, selecting the best location, the access to market or the most appropriate ways of marketing and communication. Beneficiaries will be entrepreneurs with innovative business projects at an early stage of development and entrepreneurs who have created the company recently (<6 months)

Partners can find this program interesting to improve their current support system.

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Main institution
Fundación EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial)
Región de Murcia, Spain (España)
Start Date
June 2016
End Date


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