Program for the promotion of talent, innovative ideas and the entrepreneurial spirit directed to young people with ages between 18 and 31.
Young people selected to partipate in the YUZZ Program will have support, training and advice aimed at facilitating the development of a business project based on the ideas proposed and eligible for the prizes provided in the Call. Santander YUZZ Program is develop in parallel in Argentina, Portugal and Spain.

Program features:
1.Personalized advisory: each participant will be assigned an individual tutor with experience in the business world who will advise and support throughout the process of creating the business plan
2.Coworking space: they will have access to a physical space in the facilities of the collaborating entities where the participants can work and favour the exchange of knowledge
3.Training workshops: participants will receive training sessions in business management, creativity and innovation given by the pool of YUZZ experts, a network of more than 200 professionals
4.National networking event: a great event is organized. It concentrates in one day the entire YUZZ community with an agenda full of sessions of experts and entrepreneurs, challenges and competitions
5.Travel to Silicon Valley: a jury will choose the best project develop in each YUZZ Centre. The winners will have the opportunity to travel a week to Silicon Valley, California, to meet the leading international benchmark in innovation
6.Monetary award: The best three projects will receive a financial envelope for the development of its business projects (10|20|30k€)

Resources needed

Economic resources: The minimum amount required for the development of the Program is 10k€ (training, mentoring, travel and awards)
Marerials&facilitities: The space must be equipped with the necessary furniture and equipment for 20 projects with 2 promoters each.
Human: 1 half-time coordinatior

Evidence of success

SANTANDER YUZZ PROGRAM has been awarded as the “Best European Practices Supporting Youth Self-Employment” award.

Difficulties encountered

At the end of the Program, participants are lost about investing in their projects. They have no knowledge or possibility of access to financing. The contribution of the company tutors is very important as they contribute with the expertise and business vision to each project.

Potential for learning or transfer

Thanks to the training and methodology applied from the Lean Startup, the participants can take advantage of the knowledge at the moment they acquire it and subsequently, given the transversal nature of the training.

On the other hand, a program of this magnitude is, in the case of the University of Murcia, integrated within the global employment strategies of the Center for Guidance and Information to Employment (COIE), and it is important that it is not carried out in isolation, But within the training and accompanying axis of other services of university employment insertion.

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Main institution
Banco Santander
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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