The aim of the portal support SMEs with different problems to access relevant, updated and comprehensive information concerning various topics.
The potential entrepreneurs in Europe step into a relatively strict environment: the education does not provide enough basis for the entrepreneurial carrier, it is hard to access finance and go to the markets, hard to sell entrepreneurships, the entrepreneurs are afraid of the possible sanctions in case of bankrupt, and the procedures in the public authorities are difficult. A number of Member States still does not take into consideration the special features of SMEs in jurisdiction and do not make easier the restart of honest entrepreneurs went in bankrupt.
The practice itself is a website operated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs with contents of the special knowledge for entrepreneurs in operation, start-up phase or in restart. In the special menus of the portal the existing or potential entrepreneurs can find information about the legal backgrounds, the regulations of founding or refunding an entrepreneurship, about the needed competencies and skills, etc. Also one can find solutions and tips for the growing phase and financing, and special links to reach the European and local actual application possibilities and funds. The site contains useful links to other portals where the financial analysis of the entrepreneurship or the EU regulations and guidelines could be easily reached.

Resources needed

No special resource needed, just internet access for the entrepreneurs.

Evidence of success

The structure and the content of the Portal is very user-friendly. There is a possibility to put on questions on-line and check the FAQs as well what covers a wide range of potential problems. The navigation on the Portal is easy and provides continuously refreshed information about the legal background and on the possible applications and funds as well. There is a newsletter service connected to the Portal, one can join to the network for free.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is easy to be transferred such the local database should be built up and one volunteer or regional official body who could take the responsibility for the management. However the set-up of the database together with the continuous refreshment system could be very useful for the local, regional or national public authorities as well.

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Main institution
Ministry of Human Resources
Közép-Magyarország, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
May 2015
End Date


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Beatrice Avagnina

Regional Government of Canaries

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Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria