No Fail No Gain Conferences is about talking about failure, sharing knowledge, experience, awareness with (re)entrepreneurs in a warm and friendl atmosphere
“No Fail No Gain Conference” came up with the idea of talking about failure. No Fail No Gain is about sharing knowledge, experience, awareness. That is an event where entrepreneurs engage their audience in a friendly and warm atmosphere. All of this with an inspiring speech about their experiences and perseverance. The aim is to gradually change the negative connotation of failure among students but also those active in the world of work (Entrepreneurs, employees, project leaders, etc.). So the main purpose of the “No Fail No Gain Conferences” is to share and teach to the audience the famous phrase of Winston Churchill: « Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm ».

Resources needed

10k€ per conference (150 attendees) / 3 HR for the organisation

Evidence of success

GOTORO ASBL organize it since 2014. Each time, there are more and more attendees. We have organized 3 times in Liège but other cities as Brussels, Mons, etc. have already asked us to do the same on their area. In 3 conferences, we have attracted more than 400 attendees. Each time, the 6 speakers where very inspiring and the public was very happy.

Difficulties encountered

Lessons learned:
- It’s not so easy to invite people to speak about their failures
- Attendees do not just want to hear entrepreneurs, they also want to hear failures (and how to overcome it & grow after it) about Life & personal projects.
- Speakers have to be coached before

Potential for learning or transfer

“No Fail No Gain Conferences” bring together a varied public to exchange about the thematic of business failure. Based on exchanges, this kind of meeting has the ambition to demystify failure and gradually change the negative connotation of failure. By explaining how they have taken advantage of their business failure, witnesses contribute to transform society’s perception of restarters’ situation in a more positive way.
The potential for learning or transfer to a partner included in the project is very high as interest on this thematic is becoming wider. Taking into account the lessons learned during the organisation of the three first conferences, problems and difficulties can be overcome with a good preparation of the presentations.
Conference format has to be adapted to the potential audience.

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Main institution
asbl GoToRo
Prov. Liège, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
May 2018
End Date


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