Bankruptcy School of Modena, the first school in Italy addressed to failed people
In June 2016 the first Bankrupcy School in Italy was born in Modena. From 2018 it became a company managed by the founder Francesca Corrado. The idea was born from Francesca personal experience of failure, that in Italy is consider a social stigma. The school teaches the culture of error and failure, focusing on singularity and exceptions, valuing good mistakes.It offers shows, lessons and training courses - for groups or individuals - useful for developing a new mindset and for learning a method to dare, to analyze mistakes, to accept failures and overcome fear to make counscious choices.If we do not change the mentality with which we deal with failure, the incentives for success will be useless. If the mentality is important, the method must be. We make the same mistakes because we don’t analyze them by asking the right questions.The school was born with the pilot initiative of the Association Play Res, specializing in the economic theory of games, with 30 members throughout Italy, with the support of the Foundation of the Bank Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and of the San Filippo Neri Foundation. In 2017 they started a more structured program for teachers, managers and entrepreneurs who failed, helping them to discover their errors and to restart with a new business.“Wrong is good, in life and work” says Francesca Corrado, founder of the school, researcher economist, former professor of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Resources needed

Private and public funds. 10,000 capital for startup and 20,000 euros for the creation and protection of the brand.

Evidence of success

The school was born to teach to lose for win.Through the theater,role-playing games,simulations,coaching and mentoring techniques,the different steps of the"error cycle"are tackled: the perception of failure, the analysis of error,awareness and confidence in the new success. They work in failure, but they are a success story!They started in 2016 as pilote experience, in 2018 became enterprise and now work with big companies like Mediolanum, Microsoft, Panaria, Borsa Italiana, Enel as well.

Difficulties encountered

Companies reveals that’s hard to overcome culture of fault and to apply a positive culture of failure as a part of a mangement theory.Entrepeneurs prefer to hyde mistakes instead of analizing them because they understimate the negative effect and they relate the word“fail”to a personal incompetence.

Potential for learning or transfer

This BP can help the people and in particular the failed entrepreneurs to restart and in the same time work to change the mentality, reducing stigmatization within workshps based on improvisation, game techniques and awareness-raising.The school started in 2016 as a pilot, but it growth becomming a company in 2018. Now it organizes some courses, for singular, schools, enterprises (from the start they involved 5000 people/entities in the course) the brochure in english at the link below:

Main institution
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
June 2017
End Date


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