CONECTARAGON and ALL projects to provide broadband 100% of the population.
The project operates in the White areas are where the operators have not been or are scheduled in their plans to provide broadband low profitability.

CONECTARAGON: It is a plan that provides broadband to 348 municipalities with more than 250 inhabitants and 351 schools (100% of schools in the rural environment), with an amount of 36 million euros, gives FTTH (Fibber to the Home) to municipalities. The project has an impact on 97,000 people.

ALL: It aims to provide broadband to over 700 small towns, with a total population of 21,000 people. Or an average of 30 inhabitants per core. Broadband Technology 4G, Wimax or satellite is optimized and developed with the collaboration of all: Government of Aragon, Provincial Councils, FAMCP and mobile operators.

Resources needed

The final investment has been 36 M of euro financed with Feder, also has been counted on a technical team of 6 people to coordinat the start up and a marketing plan are attached videos. Political leadership and the involvement of technical profiles.

Evidence of success

The plan has been developed following the timetable: 348 municipalities and 352 schools have broadband, all of them of less than 500 inhabitants in areas where it is very difficult that the telephone companies had gone. As a result of the plan remained micromunicipalities pending in Aragon that were 700 with a total population of 21,000 people and the 3 provincial councils and the Government of Aragon have put another complementary plan financed with funds Feder to reach 100% of population.

Difficulties encountered

- Financing
- Lack of technological knowledge
- Lack of involvement of telephone companies
- Lack of qualification of the technical equipment
- Define an appropriate schedule

Potential for learning or transfer

2) Carried out through a process of public purchase of competitive dialogue, it was a very long process to prepare the tender
3) Search for European mechanisms for financing, through ERDF funds

1) Define a coordinated plan with other institutions so that 100% of the population has available before 2019 broadband.
2) Communicate the difference between broadband and optical fiber
3) See which technology is the most optimal for each small municipality. Wimax, 4G the satellite
4) Start A.P. and define communication plan

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Main institution
Regional Government of Aragón
Aragón, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2015
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Andrea Vignoli

Italian National Association of Cities and Municipalities - Lazio

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