The XPORT ACCELERATOR is a single window, mutualising regional expertise and means, dedicated to accompany Norman companies towards internationalisation.
Therefore, the objective of the XPORT ACCELERATOR, gathering the staff and expertise of the founding entities: the Normandy Development Agency, Normandy International Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Business France, is to provide companies with a single referent to simplify their efforts and help them accelerate their international development. These three founding entities are pooling their resources, skills and networks to enhance the export support for Norman companies. The company willing to integrate this accelerator can benefit from tailor-made advice to structure its strategy and develop an action plan. A single referent will be appointed to support the entrepreneur or the export manager, by focusing on the achievement of their defined objectives and mobilizing the appropriate means to achieve it. The expected outcome of the follow-up offered is to enable Norman companies, which wouldn’t dispose of the sufficient internal resources, to grow their business on the international market. To integrate the XPORT ACCELERATOR, companies go to a specific website for a 12 questions self-diagnosis. Then, a Chamber of Commerce advisor will contact them within 3 days for its first appointment to discuss its international needs and projects. Following the meeting, a personal action plan will be proposed to the company within 15 days. The delays are meant to be as short as possible to allow companies to pursue their international development without stopping their progression.

Resources needed

17 people from Normandy Development Agency
5 people from Business France
15 people from International Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Evidence of success

Since January 2018, 67 enterprises have registered in the XPORT ACCELERATOR. In less than six months, 46% of them have made an appointment with a referent from the XPORT ACCELERATOR to discuss their internationalisation project. The XPORT ACCELERATOR represents an opportunity for already exporting Norman enterprises to boost their businesses on the international market: 81% of the registered enterprises already export and have acknowledged the added value for them to join the XPORT ACCELERATOR.

Potential for learning or transfer

The main regional entities in charge of the economic development and of the internationalisation of Norman companies gathered to mobilize their resources to create an accelerator of exportation aiming at facilitating the implementation of Norman enterprises on foreign markets. The idea behind this accelerator is veritably to be able to mobilise regional resources to accompany and help local businesses export their products or technologies abroad. The potential for transfer can be emphasized because the bodies that created the accelerator exist or have an equivalent in most European regions. They are likely to have the same resources at their disposal to be able to implement an accelerator to facilitate the international development of SMEs and encourage them to export their business. The outcomes of the accelerator will benefit to local companies and by extension, to the regional economy as the exportation of local businesses will increase the visibility of the regional know-how abroad

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Main institution
AD Normandie (Normandy Development Agency)
Basse-Normandie, France
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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