Aimed at strengthening the economic image and investment attractiveness of the region, as well as strengthening the economic competitiveness and growth
The challenge was to improve the economic image of the region and enterprises, to increase relatively low competitiveness of entrepreneurs by providing them with a set of tools aimed at improving their capacities and knowledge, including boosting their exports of goods and services.One of the triggers of the activity was the introduction of embargo for foodstuffs by the Russian Federation.The activity provided opportunities for entrepreneurs to increase their knowledge about various aspects of developing a company and allowed them to access foreign markets by participating in trade missions and trade fairs in Poland and abroad, thereby enabling to verify potentials of specific foreign markets and finding relevant business partners.The practice is implemented by organising international business events (conferences, fora, B2B and B2G sessions, incoming and outgoing trade missions) and creating systemic links between relevant stakeholders. Project focused also on creating good image of regional products to promote them between potential investor and tourists.Moreover among this activity the money was allocated also for promotional campaign which aims was to create and promote the region's brand and local brands and promotion voivodeship in the country and abroad.The main beneficiaries of the practice included entrepreneurs and companies operating in the region also restarter entrepreneurs , while local government entities and business environment institutions

Resources needed

The total value of the project “Marketing for Economy of the Lubelskie Voivodeship” amounted to PLN 33 million. Project was co-financed from Regional Operational Programme

Evidence of success

The practice helped companies by growing their export volumes, finding new sales markets, arranging internal cooperation of different regional players aimed at joining forces and increasing external competitiveness (e.g. “Polka” and “LubApple” initiatives). The practice allowed to build relations between different stakeholders – Marshal Office , local governments entrepreneurs and business environment institutions from the region. Project activity is continue under the ROP 2014-2020.

Difficulties encountered

Introduction of sanctions for different EU goods and services by the Russian Federation;Ukrainian market (one of the key export markets for businesses) volatility due to Russian invasion; Parliamentary elections in Poland in 2015 resulted in deferral of business decisions to be made by entrepreneurs

Potential for learning or transfer

In general, this practice helped entrepreneurs grow their businesses, create new better economic image. Those who experiencing difficulties related to exporting to Eastern markets managed to develop sales to other, previously ignored or too distant countries. The initiative enabled the regional administration to map and learn the needs of businesses in an effective way. Another important aspect was the increased knowledge of civil servants responsible for assisting businesses who participated in expert trainings together with entrepreneurs. Thanks to this project entrepreneur linked together and strengthen their cooperation on national and international market as well.
Potential for learning is also the thing - how to promote positive economic aspects and activity among enterprises, how to use economic potential of the region to promote image.

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Main institution
Marshal Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship
Lubelskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
May 2013
End Date
December 2015


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