It is an innovation program encouraging the culture of innovation in business management to improve competitiveness in SME.
InnoChambers (InnoCámaras in Spanish) responds to the lack of innovation in SME located in rural areas by encouraging the culture of innovation in business management to achieve a sustained growth, and improve competitiveness, among SME located in rural areas of the province of Valladolid.
InnoChambers is an initiative of the Chamber of Spain but it is developed by the Chambers of Commerce at regional level, with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Chambers of Commerce themselves and Public Administrations.
It is characterized by its orientation towards the specific needs of SME through the development of a mixed methodology: first phase to obtain a diagnosis on innovation, followed by a second phase consisting in getting support during the implementation of the innovative measure selected as a result of the diagnosis.
InnoChambers was oriented to innovation in general, including of course ICT based solutions.
Within the program, and specifically referring to the mentioned ICT solutions, some companies have developed their own web pages, others have introduced management applications (CRM, ERP ...), have had developed social media management plans or have implemented e-commerce.

Resources needed

The program involved 13 people, both technical and coordination officers.
The total budget was up to 1.011.503,07 €, and it was cofinanced (80%) by ERFD (European Regional Development Fund).

Evidence of success

The Chamber of Valladolid has helped more than 250 SME. Out of them, 151 SME got a diagnosis in innovation; and other 108 implemented innovative tailor made measures.
Participating companies came from diverse sectors and had different sizes and scope, but all of them were located in rural areas of Valladolid.
Other evidence of success is that the Chamber of Spain has started new programmes based and inspired on InnoChambers. This is the case of TICCámaras/ICT'Chambers that started in 2017.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice is transferrable elsewhere to encourage innovation and boost the usage of ICT based solutions. As it’s a too steps implementation project: consultancy and support during the implementation, SME have a warranty that the investment is tailor made and it’s properly implemented. InnoChambers success lead to carry out other initiative called ICT’Chambers that aims to promote the incorporation of ICTs into SMEs' strategies to maximize opportunities and to improve their productivity and competitiveness. Currently, 11 SME are involved, all of them located in rural areas.
The program is 50% co-funded by ERFD. The selected companies finance the other 50% with their own funds.
The projects funded by ICT’Chambers are related to: (1)Tools of productivity in the cloud (ERP, CRM, Point Of Sale Systems, loT, Big Data, virtual reality, etc.). (2)E-commerce (websites, online store, payment gateway, e-invoicing, digital signature, etc.). (3)Digital marketing (SEO, SEM, etc.)

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Main institution
Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Valladolid
Castilla y León, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date
December 2015


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