Regional innovation exhibition and invention fair with conference programme for promotion of innovation and support the co-operation between university and comp
Key players of regional innovation system decided in 2009 to launch a regional exhibiton and forum for promotion of innovation and supporting cooperation between university and companies.
Good Practice means a one-day event which is yearly organized by Szechenyi Istvan University at the campus area in Győr accompanied by a colourful professional program focusing on the cooperation possibilities of the university and the companies. Co-organizers are Chamber of Commerce and Industry for county of Győr-Moson-Sopron and Pannon Novum Regional Innovation Agency.
At the exhibition, the inventors could have participated who have been developing new products and / or services for the last 3 years. At the event the inventors and developers have opportunities to present significant development of their results. Accordingly, potential exhibitors must have a prototype, product, working procedure or service that can be demonstrated.
The organizers can also provide opportunities for presentations to organizations and individuals who are interested in the professional and technological demonstration of interest to university students, researchers and the wider public.

Main objectives:
1. Showcase of innovations, innovative solutions (products, processes, technologies)
2. To introduce and cover different thematic focus each year
3. Platform for discussion among stakeholders

Target groups:
1. Entrepreneurs (SMEs, large-scale)
2. University staff
3. Students

Resources needed

Annual budget in Euro: approx. 15.000 EUR.
Funding sources: mostly in-kind and own contributions of the organizer partners, in some cases financial supports from ERDF or national innovation fund.
Human resource (minimum required): 1 contact person from the main organizer.

Evidence of success

- From a financially supported project (in the frame of INNOTÉR project financed by decentralised regional innovation fund) to an economically sustainable forum, financed from own budget of organisers.
- New business opportunities created (e.g. *industrial automatization – Industry 4.0 focus)
- New business contacts created
- Technology transfer from-to university-business
- Active dialog among innovation and business development organisations, university and companies

Difficulties encountered

Successful implementation of the practice requires professional organization and efficient co-operation between the organizer partners.
One of the main challenge is to ensure the growing trend in the number of exhibitors and participants.

Potential for learning or transfer

­ Forum for companies to interact with innovation experts, public and private organisations involved in innovation processes.
­ Forum for public and private organisations involved in innovation processes to gain information on latest industry trends.
­ Excellent combination of knowledge distribution (one-way, through conference programme), technology and innovation distribution on regional level.
­ Most relevant organisations are actively involved in the organisation of the event and the professional programme.
­ On-site consultancy offered by organisers (e.g. Innovation management by Pannon Novum, business development by CCI, funding opportunities by Széchenyi Programme Office).
­ Innovation prizes are awarded by experts and by the public
Main institution
Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Győr-Moson-Sopron County
Nyugat-Dunántúl, Hungary (Magyarország)
Start Date
April 2010
End Date
April 2017


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