Technopols are centres of "technology-oriented economic activity" which are strategically established in direct proximity to educational and research facilities
The objective is to create technology-oriented economic areas to strengthen the economics of special regions: The first step is to identify business locations with following pre-condition: A Technopol location should have the existence of the following components in direct vicinity:
• R & D (and the potential to growth), • Higher education, • Economy (Companies, which can use the results)
...with synergetic emphases. The second part is to establish a network-platform to force the cooperation between the Technopol-partners. An incentive is making marketing, but also to help them with the financing of cooperation-project in special technology fields. Each Technopol has an expert of the technology field as a manager who is responsible for the implementation of the Technopol program at the location. The Technopol manager acts as a hub and networking-body between the main areas of industry, academia, R&D.
Every Technopol manager has to bring the 3 components (R&D, education, economy) together, initiate new projects to reach the critical R&D mass and to foster the technology and knowledge transfer into the regional economy.

Resources needed

The total project volume for the program period 2015-2020 is appr. € 10.000.000
Specific technology field 4 key attributes must be fulfilled:
Technopol Management, specific competence focus, free land area for settlement, professional companies with contact to international market and research.

Evidence of success

The objective is to strengthen the economics of special regions, to enable the settlement of high-tech companies and to make know-how sharing with interactions partners and. The main aim is to keep the benefit in the region and to strengthen the international competitiveness of the Lower Austrian companies.

Difficulties encountered

The most problem is, if the Technopol-Partners do not accept Partnership or could not find synergies between their works. The program also does not work if there are no companies with innovation potential. There must be a critical mass of companies, research departments and education at least.

Potential for learning or transfer

For setting up a Technopol in a specific technology, field four key attributes must be fulfilled - if some to them are not clear defined, there could occur different obstacles...
1. The competence has no clear focus areas – the existence of substantial R&D activities at the Technopol location don't exist
2. There is no facilities for higher education at the special technology field.
3. Professional firms (or company partners also out of the region) both as a source of demand for, and exploiters of, this expertise in national and international markets.
4. Free land area for company settlement and special infrastructure (building and laboratories) in the immediate vicinity of Technopols

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Main institution
The Business Agency of Lower Austria
Niederösterreich, Austria (Österreich)
Start Date
April 2004
End Date


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