Start&Growth: a training programme supporting new businesses creation and development, to transform an idea in a company.
Liguria Region Government, by resolution Regional Council n.386 of 29.04.2016 identified,as provider of the services of Start&Growth Project, FILSE,in-house organization of Liguria Region,whose action is focused in the Region's economic strategy aimed at supporting the overall strengthening of companies and the structural growth of the production system of Liguria.Start&Growth was funded by the European Social Fund (Axis1-Employment) with 3 million Euros. It is a training project supporting startups and business ideas in start crucial phase,with a contribution of 4.777 Euro, a lump sum to finance the startup phase costs.
Aspiring entrepreneurs (including honest failed entrepreneur with a new idea) can take advantage from entrepreneurial accompaniment services, supported by a tutor,who help them to set up a business plan.After the tutoring service provided, they have the possibility of installing the new company in FILSE Incubators during 12 months, using the incubation vouchers provided by the Call.
The fund wants to support startups phase, according to the data provided by the Chambers of Commerce:40%of the startups are likely to close within the first 3 years. FILSE is responsible for delivering free support services to aspiring entrepreneurs in business creation process.Also the honest bankrupts can participate: some beneficiaries who had experience of bankruptcy with their previous companies, participated to Start&Growth to better address their new adventure.

Resources needed

The Call just closed last 30th April. Considering the success of the project, which has created 70 companies and 76 other proponents are completing the business planning phase, we hope that Liguria Government will invest further funds, with a share destined to failed entrepreneurs restarting.

Evidence of success

456 submitted applications
120 application now in evaluation
76 aspiring entrepreneurs involved in the business plannig process
70 new enterprises created
400.0000 Euro spent to finance the programme

Difficulties encountered

The large part of beneficiaries were satisfied whit the project. In rare cases some bureaucractic problems caused a slowdown in the procedures, but managing public funds, the procedures must be absolutely respected.

Potential for learning or transfer

The creation of a training course to support the restarters with specific experts, can be useful to guide them to make no mistakes in their second chance.

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Main institution
Liguria, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
April 2016
End Date


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