This GP demonstrates how Home Care can be set as a horizontal priority, which should be reflected at all levels.
One of the horizontal priorities in National Progress Programme for Lithuania for the period 2014–2020 is "HEALTH FOR ALL", with an overall goal - to achieve good human health. The horizontal priorities of the Program cover areas characterized by complex problems which cannot be solved by means of one or more sectoral measures. Horizontal priorities are set in order to achieve a major breakthrough by combining the areas of the thematic priorities.
Despite of the fact that those horizontal priorities help to solve complex problems and can have a big impact, they are very often overlooked when particular measures are applied. In this good practice specific measures have been taken in order to contribute to the implementation of this horizontal priority. One of the examples is the measure “Intellect. Joint scientific and business projects" which have introduced “the evaluation bonus” for projects which contribute to the implementation of horizontal priority “Health for all”.

Resources needed

For the implementation of this priority 1.509 million EUR was allocated under National Progress Programme budget among 8 ministries (economy, education, health, social security, environment, agriculture, energy and transport). App. 200 people are responsible for the implementation ot this priority.

Evidence of success

This criterion was applied in the framework under the measure “Intellect. Joint scientific and business projects". One of the selection criteria set in evaluation criteria was that the project should contribute to the implementation of horizontal priority "Health for all".
71 applications were submitted under priority “Health technology and biotechnology” and 43 granted (it means they have fulfilled this horizontal criteria and have received 5 point for this).

Difficulties encountered

1) The priority is a horizontal one and not from the important priorities list 2) it is very difficult to prepare a complementary set of tools aiming to avoid duplication or any shortage of action.
3) Horizontal priorities are often seen as not important or supplementary to vertical priorities.

Potential for learning or transfer

Home Care as a priority axis exists in every (or at least most) country, but differences exist in level of implementation (national, regional), implementation measures used (national, structural funds), management level (managed by ministries or by regional/local authorities) and investments volumes. This good practice demonstrates how Home Care can be set as a horizontal priority, which should be reflected at all levels and can be of potential interest for public authorities. For sucessful transfer support and approval from all policy making or/policy - related and managing authorities is needed. It will allow to implement this horizontal priority in as many measures as possible and in this way to foster bigger impact in related area.

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Main institution
Lithuanian Innovation Centre
Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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