Alisea is the only Promotional Item producer that has made of Reuse and Recycling a form of corporate identity since 1994.
Alisea is small creative Italian company that has found a peculiar market niche, becoming the only Promotional Item producer that has made of Reuse and Recycling a form of corporate identity since 1994.
All the materials used in the production are treated with innovative processes of transformation, which guarantee quality standards identical to those of virgin materials using the most diverse recycling materials or material waste from industrial processes supplied by the customers themselves.
Alisea acts as a driving force of value chains that bridges those who have materials but do not know how to use them with those who have ideas. Unlike what happens in other recycling initiatives, the products maintain the memory of what it was in the past, because recycling is not taken as a cheaper way to gain materials, but a creative stimulus that adds value to the project.
Alisea products are made in Italy and certified ReMade in Italy: the first certification for products and materials that are recycled, reused, and made in Italy. The label describes the sustainability characteristics of material, the products and the process, in terms of savings in raw materials, energy savings, and CO2 emission reductions.
Perpetua is the Alisea most iconic product. It is a unbreakable pencil made with Zantech, an innovative patented material whose chemical composition is 80% recycled graphite powder: a waste of industrial production, otherwise destined to be stored in landfills.

Resources needed

The objects are made possible by a radical network approach: companies, professionals, craft enterprises and small companies decide to work together, sharing disposable wastes, production items and equipment, relationships and know-how.

Evidence of success

Alisea is today the European leader in eco-innovation of promotional items. Perpetua is distributed in 14 Countries in Europe, Asia and Oceania. With the sale of over 885 thousand units, Perpetua achieved a total turnover of over € 4.4 million. Due to its embedded value, Perpetua has been chosen by the delegation of Italian Ministry of the Environment Land Protection of the Sea to the 21st Climate World Conference in Paris (COP 21).

Difficulties encountered

The Alisea product development is always challenging and requires a significant amount of research and development actions. Thus, networking results to be an enforced strategy for the management of the value chain. Cooperation and sharing are the powerful drivers of the initiative.

Potential for learning or transfer

The cornerstone technologies at the heart of Alisea products are patented and may not be reproduced but the underlaying business model is open, duly described and certified in its main components.
The case is surely inspiring for business all over Europe and its success is a flagship for every visionary entrepreneur willing to combine ethical, environmental and technological insights in a unique innovative experience design.
The international acknowledgments that Alisea has collected and the significant exports trends the company has registered ever since show the global value of its insights and vision.
Many territories in Europe host large manufacturing sites that produce the industrial waste that may be reused and recycled in similar fashion. Moreover, Alisea is a small company truly committed in the environmental and social change issues and it is wide open to transnational cooperation that might promote the dissemination of its tested approach.
Main institution
Unioncamere del Veneto
Veneto, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 1994
End Date


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