The course is oriented to know and develop capacities for face situations of personal and professional failure,
Objective of the course: To know and develop capacities to face failure situations. This practice also can contribute to the transfer of positive values to all in our personal surrounding. Course list of contents:
1. Failure concept, 2.Emotional self-control in light of frustration.3.Reactive and proactive management. 4. Enhance positive energies: coaching, positive psychology, intelligent optimism. 5. Falling to learn to walk: pedagogy of failure as learning.6.Management of options in threatening environments.7.Blocking emotions and limiting beliefs: insecurity, fear of ridicule, fear of rejection, etc. 8.Resilience as self-protection in childhood and the duty of adults as tutors of resilience during early childhood education. 9.Resources to improve creative visualization, resilience, focusing, adherence breakdown, meditation, etc.10.Case studies.11.Cinema-forum: “Searching for Sugar Man: story of Sixto Rodriguez”
12. Practices and work in subgroups for elaboration of a document with conclusions. Target: Any person, preferably for university students - of any type and academic status - and for interested entrepreneurs / entrepreneurs.
Participants: minimum 15-maximum 30 people, who must compromise their attendance at least 80% of the sessions, in which signature control.
Thematic areas: Health Sciences, Cc. Social, Economic and Legal.
Hours: 25 hours, divided in eight sessions of 3 hours each - including brief breaks - and a round table/final debate.

Resources needed

Staff: Professionals form different areas, with experience in those contents. Infrastructure: a room with cannon-projector, screen, sound system, laptop and furniture available in U-shape together with the training materials. Fees: Minimum 15 people attending.

Evidence of success

The average assessment of the course by the university students is 8,84 in a scale of 0-10, according to the latest evaluation performed.

It is a good way to spread knowledge about failure among students and entrepreneurs.

Potential for learning or transfer

It is a pioneering training activity in Spain as extensive course: 25hours. According to the author’s research, there is no similar activity until 2014. This could be transferred to other EU Regions educational centres and being a useful tool to prepare for failure to the entrepreneurs.

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Main institution
University of Murcia
Andalucía, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2015
End Date
November 2016


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