New innovative entrepreneurs in the field of Agro Food Business in Rural areas.
Aragón is a region that represents 10% of Spain's total surface but just 3% of total population, so the challenge is how to bring people to the rural areas. The R.D. Agency of the Government of Aragón, the Business incubators network, CITA R&D centre field of agrifood & association of argrifood industries set up every year since 2014 (the 4th edition will be in 2018) a program to support new entrepreneur projects in agrifood sector. The methodology is a mix between technical learning in agrifood industries + Enterperneurship learning +Consultancy in agrifood with mentors that works in the sector who can help in the projects to develop the Plan. The final goal is to increase the number of SMEs that incorporate innovation in their strategies.

Contents of the Programe:

- The entrepreneurs receive the information and necessary training to define the business plan thanks to the entrepreneurial participation.
- Redefine the project on the basic elements: specific project environment, R+D innovation.
-Analyze the competitive features of the project, potential strategies and different production plans, marketing, finance, etc.
- Provide assistance budget, the balanced scorecard and initial legal assistance for the project (bussines angel, venture capital...)
- Support and accompaniment of mentors, grants, aids, financial support
- Establish cooperation/collaboration lines with specialized technological center in AgriFood sector.

Resources needed

The total amount:
20.000€ in teaching and consultancy for each start up
10.000€ in marketing actions

Actions throughout the program will be carried out: networking between companies and industrial players, "Inno Days" which have special international consideration to coop with other regions.

Evidence of success

- 13 projects in the first edition were set up and 10 on the second. The most important point is that they are mirrors, success projects to be imitated by the society. The project has been promoted by 4 stakeholders*. The average of the initial investment of each project is 80.000 Euro.
* Reg. Gov., the Research and Development Institutions, Agrifood SMSs association and the Business Innovation Centres (Incubators).

Difficulties encountered

- Identify and select projects with potential in the field of entrepreneurs Innov. agro-food industries
- Identify suitable tutors and trainers
- Create networks of mentors
- Keep the illusion on the entrepreneurs so as not to abandon
- Define "methodology" to transform these ideas into business

Potential for learning or transfer


- Selection of initiatives and agri-food entrepreneurs with projects capable of creating added value in their environment.
- Carrying out the approach and structure of business idea as well as its strategic and competitive profile.
- Training for the development of entrepreneurial project, providing the tools of knowledge, analysis and management to bring projects to fruition.
- Specialized training on the food industry areas based on the type of Selected projects.
- Preincubation of projects in a coworking space technology, during which a mentoring process for the realization of the Business Plan and precise lines of innovation and research for each project will be established.
- Specialized in seeking funding, support and advice for the project partners.
- Accompanying the launch of the initiative and launch their products and /or services to commercial viability.
- The process of mentoring project by agrifood entrepreneurs to guarantee the success.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Aragón
Aragón, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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