Novel cross-sectoral innovation policy supports inclusive access to open innovation activities and fosters the culture of open and inclusive innovation.
To reach the vision of more dynamic and ecosystem-like innovation environment, we fund and support environments (platforms) which create different value creating processes encouraging co-creation of different organisations. We expect that by providing a small boost we can create profitable processes that survive without public funding or will be co-financed on PPP-basis.

To offer a formal evidence base for the decision making and strategy processes, the Regional Council established a data tool called the Situational Picture of Innovation. This framework compiles existing information from national and regional sources. The main objective of the process is to stimulate debate amongst local partners around the issues raised by the data.

Stakeholders: municipalities, research organisations, development agencies, companies, public administration organisations and HEI. Beneficiaries are actors willing to build platforms but also single talents, companies and regional economy in general.

Resources needed

Council of Tampere Region:3 permanent employees working for the innovation policy and 3 persons handling ERDF funding. Regional ERDF is 2 M€/year from Council of Tampere Region. UTA has 2 persons working for 6Aika project (100 M€) implementing 6Aika strategy of 6 biggest cities in Finland.

Evidence of success

During the years of development, OIP policy thinking has become mainstream among the policy makers in Tampere Region. New Factory has been benchmarked by several other cities and New Factory International has created an international network with the Demola concept.
Some data from New Factory platform in 2015 (including for example Demola):
550 people involved to programs and projects
180 companies and organisations involved
135 new jobs created
190 events and 5 000 participators

Difficulties encountered

It is difficult to learn away from the traditional project mind set. Regulation and rules of the Finnish ERDF Funds set barriers for revenue creating processes and platforms. Discussion on platforms change rapidly and demands various professionals to involve, which makes the discussion challenging.

Potential for learning or transfer

Open innovation platforms is conceptually strong, novel regional development and renewing agenda. A novel way to do cross-sectoral innovation policy. The policy involves a large number of different actors and their strategies – there is a shared ownership of the concept in the region.

There are good results of the benefits of platform activities, for example Demola and the regional impact spreads wide because involves a big amount of innovation actors.

OIPs represent companies an alternative way to collaboration with HEIs and research organisation. This policy targets on impact, not so much on immediate outputs – intervention logic of the platform policy has a different emphasis than traditional project-based measures.

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Main institution
Council of Tampere Region
Länsi-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
January 2008
End Date


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