GreenHUB is an open innovation ecosystem and a community of experts who solve challenges related to a company's business.
Companies face challenges or have ideas that cannot be implemented due to some problem even though we have many experts in the region. GreenHUB was founded to solve companies' problems and take ideas further in the field of forest bioeconomy. It is a community of experts who solve challenges related to a company's business. The aim is to facilitate innovation process in which a solution is searched systematically for the challenges of business operations and development.
Available tools include so-called Doctor's house call operation, expert communities and workshops. Also research projects that originate from companies and carry out various short-term development competitions are launched.
In addition to Joensuu Science Park, GreenHUB involves Natural Resources Institute Finland, University of Eastern Finland, Karelia University of Applied Sciences, Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK Ltd, Finnish environmental institute SYKE and European Forest Institute.

Resources needed

GreenHUB was launched by the growth agreement of the City of Joensuu and the concept was invented and developed as a part of ERDF funded project “Vihreän kasvun keskus”, 2014-2017. Activities are partly (50 %) funded by The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

Evidence of success

In spring 2018 GreenHUB:ers have had more than 100 different cases. GreenHUB has participated in e.g. development of several innovative measurement methods, development of remote sensing and piloting of bioeconomy products. The amount of contacts to GreenHUB:ers indicate an evident need for this kind of operation.

Difficulties encountered

In the beginning there was only a few active researchers/experts and the challenge was to get the majority of the researchers and experts to acquire a new way to operate.

Potential for learning or transfer

The key question is how all know-how available in a certain area can be utilised as new products, increasing business and new enterprises.
GreenHUB is an innovative tool, where companies, research institutes, development & educational organisations interact within a common network to create new expertise and innovations. It aims to support our regional smart specialization choice forest bioeconomy by providing the expertise of numerous forest bioeconomy experts for the needs of business life to boost the bioeconomy of the region. In North Karelia the environment for bioeconomy is excellent; we have skilled people and energetic companies, the strategies of different companies are uniform and co-operation is well-working so the prerequisites to develop bioeconomy even further do exist; ideas and innovations are born when different know-how is combined and exchanged and people meet.
The same principle can be utilized in different areas by concentrating on the strengths of the region.

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Main institution
Joensuu Science Park Ltd
Pohjois- ja Itä-Suomi, Finland (Suomi)
Start Date
September 2016
End Date


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