This GP is about a centralized public company that manages innovative ICT projects, network infrastructure and big data for the Region and all Municipalities
RER decided to create a specific in-house company in order to support innovation policies and technologies. Over time, LEPIDA has also taken projects related to transport data management and development of innovative solutions to support mobility.
This is a GP in ICT use for facilitating the SUMP development because it provides reliable data on mobility that Municipalities, and local mobility agencies, would not be able to easily procure or collect themselves. Moreover, it provides services that are usually expensive and technical challenging to manage from a Municipality alone.
LEPIDA supports RER in the projects G.I.M and manages the project “Travel Planner”, which were created to:
• Allow centralized management of information related to public and private mobility;
• Allow Integration between data from public traffic and private traffic and foster info mobility;
• Analyse long term traffic flows in order to support long-term planning;
• Forecast of short-term traffic evolution and critical situation management
• Improvement of public transport service by sharing real-time data with citizens, administrations and mobility agencies.
RER is already able to access these data, nevertheless municipalities and mobility agencies will be able to do it thanks to Lepida SpA.
In Italy, LEPIDA is a unique example of an innovation ICT company belonging to the Region.

Resources needed

Funding from the Region

Evidence of success

LEPIDA is effectively supporting the Region in innovative projects and collecting big data regarding traffic.
The purpose is to allow Municipalities and public bodies to improve their planning and access a variety of data at different governance levels, since all data regarding public transport and monitor the activities of the mobility agencies are very helpful in order to support decision-making and provide evidence for long-term and short-term strategies.

Potential for learning or transfer

The GP could be transferrable under the following conditions:
• Assessment of internal/external competences already present in the Region and evaluation of need in the Region itself;
• Presence of suitable regulatory framework for the setup of the company (if this form is chosen);
• Skilled technical human resources with high-level competences;
• Infrastructure to centralize data in place;
• Good business management skills to run a company (if this is the form chosen);
• Highly skilled professionals are required to set up an ITC centre for transport data such as LEPIDA.
Main institution
Emilia-Romagna region
Emilia-Romagna, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2007
End Date


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