Arloesiadur uses a mix of data sources to map regional innovation activity & provide visualisation. Provides accurate feedback to policy evaluators
Arloesiadur is an initiative to map innovation in Wales. It is a collection of interactive data visualisations and open datasets about industrial, tech networking and research activity in Wales. Allows evaluation of policy mix.
It can be used to visualise and answer the main questions about Wales’ industrial and research strengths, its collaboration networks and future economic opportunities.
The main questions that the information can answer are:
 Where is innovation happening?
 Is innovation happening in high potential sectors?
 Who are the innovative companies? Who do they work with?
 How have different industries evolved in Wales and its local economies?
 What are the tech capabilities in different places?
 In what industries do we detect a comparative advantage?
Arloesiadur was born as collaboration between Nesta and Welsh Government. The data comes from 3 main sources: official data (Office for National Statistics), open data (InnovateUK) and web data (web pages and social networks).
The platform provides data about trends, industries, networks and research. They are available at a regional and local level.
The data allows an analysis of the evolution of innovation in Wales. This information facilitates the decision-making process providing a better understanding about what is happening in innovation. This information identifies the existing networks among companies, research centres and universities to establish initiatives to strengthen them.

Resources needed

Arloesiadur is a collaborative initiative between Nesta and Welsh Government. The total resources allocated to develop it are €283.7k. The project was managed by Nesta (2-3 persons) and a small number of specialist sub-contractors. The contract is managed by 2 WG staff.

Evidence of success

Arloesiadur platform has been used by 1,586 unique users during its first 10 months of existence. The web page has been visited 10,036 times, the main users are from London, Cardiff and Bristol. The most visited areas are: what are the tech networking trends in Wales? what are the research trends in Wales? And where do different industries concentrate in Wales?

Difficulties encountered

Keeping data sources up to date, access to data rich information. Sectoral and geographical limitations of mapping data for clear visualisations.

Potential for learning or transfer

The decision-making process in the field of innovation policies requires an understanding about what is happening in innovation both at a regional and local level. The decisions can only be effective with a deep analysis of the existing information about trends, industries, policies, etc.
Arloesiadur tries to provide the economists and policymakers with useful information to make decisions about innovation policies. The visualisation of data and their analysis allows all the players involved in the policy mix and instruments to have a better understanding of this situation. The system allows to conduct different analysis depending on the people who need to use the information.
An initiative of this characteristic facilitates the policymakers’ decision making improving the quality and impact of the policies. Thus, this initiative has a great potential to be transferred to other regions.
Main institution
Welsh Government
West Wales and The Valleys, United Kingdom
Start Date
October 2017
End Date


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