Elaboration of the Strategy for the promotion of Green and Circular Economy in Extremadura
The Government of Extremadura has decided to undertake the transition towards a green and circular economy, which configures a new regional productive model, capable of generating wealth and employment. For this purpose, a regional framework has been designed to promote the green and circular economy.

Specific objectives:
- To promote a new education based on new competences.
- To produce a new culture based on sustainability and social justice.
- To produce a new economy, aligning public incentives and channeling private savings to green economy projects.
- To take advantage of new employment opportunities, identifying trends and green jobs, which are going to have a broad development in the future.
- Green services, green tourism, green health
- To produce a new green agriculture
- To produce a new green industry.
The regional framework for promoting a green and circular economy has designed 4 programs and 30 guide projects, which make possible the development of the actions raised from the initiatives, which are being developed by the government of Extremadura for the next four years related to the sustainable development of the region.
Some guide projects designed are:
- Design and development of a new sustainable transport model in Extremadura.
- Design and development of a Water Pact in Extremadura.
Development of a new waste policy in the region.

Resources needed

The regional strategy for the promotion of a green and circular economy has more than 300 activities. The intention is to use existing resources for developing all the actions established in this framework

Evidence of success

A training system is created, accessible to all the Extremadura citizens who wish to undertake in green, who want to have leadership training and that allows them to undertake with competences and generic skills any project that can generate wealth and employment in Extremadura.
Development of networks that link institutions, entities and groups working for the green economy.
Publish a guide of good practices and experiences in green entrepreneurship in Extremadura.

Difficulties encountered

No difficulties have been encountered since this is a Framework in which all public institutions are involved, from regional to local entities.

Potential for learning or transfer

This document pretends to guide towards the future an important part of the demands of the society as the demographic challenge and climate change. These two problems are issues to be addressed not only by Extremadura but also by many Spanish and European regions. Therefore, this regional framework for the promotion of a green and circular economy in Extremadura can be considered not only a best practice but also a need for the majority of the European countries to address.

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Main institution
Regional Government of Extremadura
Extremadura, Spain (España)
Start Date
April 2016
End Date


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