DIRSE Mentor Plan 2016-2017 is a program of mentoring and accompanying CSR professionals with the aim to train future managers of social responsibility.
It is the first profesional group of Social Responsibility in Spain. It brings together almost 200 CSR professionals.
DIRSE Mentor Plan 2016-2017 is a program of mentoring and accompanying CSR professionals, by managers of reference in this area. This program also has complementary elements of training in skills and competences, as well as boosting the external and internal visibility of the beneficiaries.
This plan arises from a double need. On the one hand, the function of social responsibility in an enterprise is a young and little consolidated function, which needs support to become strategic in the company. On the other hand, current training through CSR master´s degree is focused on technical aspects only.
This plan aims to train the future managers of social responsibility and to boost the CSR jobs in the organizations.
The basic elements of this program are:
- Mentoring
- Training in competences and skills of the CSR manager
- Promotion
At the same time, there will be a mentoring process based on the individual relationship between mentor and mentee, which is understood as a process of advice, transfer of knowledge and management experiences which aims at helping the mentee professionals to think over how to improve their own management and that of his/her organization.
The program is aimed at junior managers in the role of CSR who have an innovative project with an impact on the role of CSR and in the society

Resources needed

Economic resources:
Pilot plan 2016-2017, there were no costs. The expenses were assumed by the promoting entities.
First edition 2017-2018 a budget of 3.750€ has been established.
Human resources:
- A management committee, composed by 4 people.
An advising committee, composed by 7 people.

Evidence of success

The results of the management of the pilot plan performed have been:
• 100% would recommend to follow with the program
• 60% rate it as excellent and 40% as good.
• 80% would recommend to participate in the program
• 60% rate it as excellent and 40% as good.

Finally, the high number of applications submitted to the 2017-2018 program, could be a good indicator for the success of the project, but we have not any data yet.

Difficulties encountered

There were not great difficulties to challenge with. The main one was a delay in the training sessions wich cwich made difficult for some participants to attend. This issue has been solved in the first edition of the program.

Potential for learning or transfer

It is a project easily replicable and adaptable to the reality of other countries, as far as partners linked to CSR professionals in the style of DIRSE association can be found.
In this sense DIRSE Association has identified some similar entities in the UK, (ICRS ) Germany (VNU) and Italy (CSR Manager Network) which are part of the EASP, European Association of Sustainability Professionals, and that they are working to spread to new European countries.
It would also be necessary the translation of materials and the identification of trainers and mentors in every country.
Finally, DIRSE Association considers that some of the elements of this practice could be incorporated to other existing training programs.

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Main institution
Association for the professionals of Corporate Social Responsibility
Comunidad de Madrid, Spain (España)
Start Date
October 2016
End Date
June 2017


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